Wednesday, October 26, 2005


You walk out, you get wet.
You drive out, you get wet.
You go to college, you get wet.
You eat an apple you get wet, you say ‘Hallelujah’, you get wet.

These days, anything and everything you do gets you wet. It just rains all day in Bangalore. The traffic on roads is horrible. The roads are horrible.

Enough of being optimistic, let me get pessimistic. The weather just rocks. There’s a nice, cool wind blowing all the time. Its cold and chilly. Walks in the mornings are just a treat.

Here is Bangalore's answer to Ooty and to the world. Why go to a hill station? Stay in Bangalore, join my college and enjoy the benefits of retirement at 18.

Today was the most phenomenal day in my illustrious career at College. Ay, today was the first, yes, the absolute first day I sat outside in the college quadrangle bunking a period. It was really nice.

Of course it was raining outside.

And we had to meet an old pal at a horrible, gut wrenching, life sucking, Azkaban like place called BASE. That made us bunk three periods in a row. Why we could sit in the quadrangle and not might as well have attended class, I don’t know. I guess it takes joining a college like mine to understand these paradoxes of life.

And then, we had a walk in a park called Bugle rock park. There were no Bugle players, only innocuous couples coochie-cooing under the rocks making slurpy, Bugle like noises. We ran for our lives.

And we got wet on our way to Halli Tindi, which fancies itself by serving village food of all kinds. We waited there for Satya, the pal at BASE, and a ‘visitor’ of Amar’s.

Satya ditched us, and we got wet again tracking our way down to Azkaban. It sure got chilly, it sure got dark, it sure got gloomy, peering into the mysterious labyrinths of BASE.

Then, we went to Papdiwala to eat. Poor Azkaban break out’s, it really does gets up to their heads. Satya wanted ice in his Lime Juice in this weather! He might as well have kept his glass outside and the cold weather would make it ice-cold anyway.
Huh! When would these people get Madu brains??

And, I, the person, that I am, forced the ‘visitor’ of Amar, to eat just one Sandwich. Now, that would have been very filling for me, but well, it apparently wasn’t enough for her. Too bad.

I forgot I eat just as much as a Koala does[ How much does it, by the way?]

Ah, I love the rain. Off I am to get wet again.


abhas1 said...

yeah, i've been noticing the's all wet out there...

well, do try your best to keep dry!!(heh heh...)

I hope it rains like that in delhi...i won't have to go to school!!!

Sataract said...

hmm......jango......u rule!!!!
and i didnt ditch u!!!!!!!!!!!!