Friday, October 21, 2005

Its the final Coundown.

Imagine a countdown to your death.
Imagine it go - Tick Tock , Tick Tock.
Imagine it staring at you from the edge of your computer screen.

And before you realize you hardly have 70 minutes left, or rather in my case, 70 megabytes, my life being my broadband meter and me having 70 megabytes left in my download limit.

Its like the apex of the roller coaster, a never ending, bone-jarring fall is all that remains.
Before I know it, Poof! 70 megabytes gone. How data flies when your having fun, and I haven’t even started the Satya stuff yet!

Can’t someone contribute and get me an unlimited connection?? I guess I will have to rely on my Dad to answer that question.

And my face goes blue when I think of that loafer Amar getting speeds of 20 KBps on his bloody 64 kbps connection. How he does it, I don’t know. Sure he is geeky computer nerd who knows his FAT32’s from his NTFS’ and his Kernel 32’s to his Page files. But how he makes a 64kbps give him 20 KBps, I don’t know, and I hate him for that.

They say a Brahmin’s curse never fails, Siddharth, do something. Curse that fellow.

May he be kissed by a thousand Devika’s, may his DVD collection burn, or worse, may his Internet Connection crash.

Now that felt better.


Anonymous said...

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Hoarse Whisperer said...

Sure he is geeky computer nerd who knows his FAT32’s from his NTFS’ and his Kernel 32’s to his Page files

LOL.. I don't know how its happening either, but it is.. still.. this is too cool.. another movie coming up! my cable guy is one stuck up asshole, but i love him for this.

Joshua said...

Hey dude! Didn't know you too had a blog! Cool cool looks like the craze is spreading.. except i cant blog much cause the stupid college restrictions make it hard!

P.S. How did your exams go?

Jang!! said...

I didn't know I had a blog myself until I was woken up by my brother once at 4 in the night furiously typing away at my computer. That's when I realized, heck, I had a Blog!