Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hero Of The Day

Yes, my College Principal is my Hero.

He is the Jack - Of - All - Trades as I see him, which I do pretty often.

Mornings, he is at the gate standing just as a watchman would do, watching us all pass by furtively. If he could only give a smart salute and shout “Salaaam Shaubji”, I would have got him a job at a better place.

Later on in the day, the old bloke sits on the visiting chairs outside his own room. He must be suffering from amnesia, poor fellow.

Otherwise, he goes around to each of the 50-60 classes reading out the examination rules individually. Why would someone be so jobless, I do not understand.

At other times, as in during my admission, he was the one who actually totaled up my marks and filled up half of my application form. And today, the fellow went to the extent of checking out all my attendance registers and asking me as to why I had not attended each class. Sure, I don’t suffer from amnesia, but still, how am I supposed to remember why I bunked which class on what date.

The master of alibis that I am, I gave him the most stupendous, no, totally outrageous alibis as to why I was not in class. Although I joined college a month late, that fellow just couldn’t understand that. I thought of making some equations and proving mathematically using some self-conjured hypothesis’ as to how the probability of me attending classes depended directly on my curiosity in finding out the colour of the hair of my pals at college that day, which seems to change every day.

But that bloke seemed to think that I was enjoying outside bunking classes. If bunking college and getting up at 12.00 pm, playing on the PS2 and going for a movie seems enjoyment to him, he definitely needs a break. Those are the bare necessities and how are you supposed to get by a day performing them. But no, I have to attend classes.

Sigh .

No one understands my problem.

And tomorrow if he does not give my registration form, I will belt out “Hodimaga, hodimaga, hodimaga” at the top of my voice to convince him that I am a member of Upendra Fan Cult too, just like him. He will have no option then, will he??

Yes, a watchman, a peon, a attendance clerk, and ofcourse , a principal.
My hero.

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