Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Art Of Living!

Try typing in B.Com in Microsoft Word and use the auto correct function, it will say ‘Be Calm’ and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

I really don’t understand how ‘the Hire Purchaser not getting the legal rights to the Asset’ is going to affect me anyway, and earlier I couldn’t understand how ‘the reaction of 2,4,6 Trinitrophenol with methyl alcohol’ would affect my bloody future.

Thus, I plan to switch over to ARTS, yes, arts. Science to Commerce to Arts to god know what, yes, that’s what life is, other than chewing paan and spitting on stair case corners.

Psychology, the art of studying a psycho would find me having a perfect case study in me. And if doing Journalism finds me , just as Aaj Tak’s and Zee News’ do, investigating why my neighbourhood aunty has a grudge against the vegetable seller next road or why George Bush refused to shave with Gillette and preferred to use Brut, well, then I am game for it. And arts being arts, I naturally love drawing, and unlike a familiar Bramante I know of, my drawings, as my Value Added book would prove, border on the abstract and the grotesque, both of which would easily pass of as ‘The Mordernest of Modern Arts’.

After I get bored with Arts too, which I know I eventually will do, I would just open a small Paan-Beedi-Gutka shop next to my College, become a millionaire in no time and will get an opportunity to spit my own paans. Then, I would get all the young newbie’s addicted to my paans and beedis.

Ha! HA! Me, a sadist. Ha! HA!

So, off I am searching for a partner [ in losses only] for my new business.

Till then, please, please, ‘Be Calm’.


Re of Light said...

Sadism and paan? deadly combination! Put little nails in your paan and sell it. That way when the innocents who partake of your delightful yet deadly wares may feel pain and enjoy it. They will feel the pain, you do the enjoying. Or if either of the parties may feel so inclined, both simultaneously.
Besides going by the good old indian tradition of spitting paan on sidewalks and roads, you can start a shoe store, tyre showroom, tyre puncture repair shack (spell puncture in one of the many novel ways people back home do; here's some ideas: puncher, paancher (paan hut/tyre puncture combo)), a shoe-repair-rickety-hut-that-will-fall-apart-when-you-sneeze
......... seems to be a promising venture, can I join?

abhas1 said...

nice work!
and thanks for leaving a comment on my page.

by the way, how am i supposed to be a jobless neurotic?

Re of Light said...

The one and only, jang! The others are all cheap imitations.