Sunday, October 23, 2005

Have It? Sell It!

Punch in “Neurotic” in Google and a small teenie-weenie advertisement at the side says:-

Looking for Neurotic?
Find exactly what you want today

Now, that’s damn weird. Sure, there are people who would bother selling their souls or entire villages on Ebay. But selling Neurotics, well, that’s crazy!

I have a spare cycle with one tyre [ no, not a unicycle] and no brakes and a body more full of rust than metal. Wonder if it will sell. And I wonder if could sell my College there. I should try.

There are also a few worthless things I could try to sell. One; my brand new IIT books. Two; my brand new, unused, brain. Three, the bus stop outside my house. Four, my neighbour’s dog. The list could just go on and on.

Also, I should try selling a few potholes of Bangalore, relics in themselves; they should fetch a million at least. And no one would even notice or bother if I go out with a drill to dig out the road to get the coveted potholes. Off I am to buy a drill.

And my hairs grown back, begging for a cut.
Off I am to that rascal of a barber again, soon.

(Hopefully I can sell my hair too!)

P.S.: This is how the alphabets would have looked like without the Q and R. Wow!


Anonymous said...

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Joshua said...

dude looks like you are getting waaay too much spam.. turn the anonymous user thing off and enable that word verification thing

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