Tuesday, October 04, 2005



It’s amazing how a small 9 letter word can cause euphoria, ecstasy, delight, elation and bliss in a self confessed geek like me.

Being the optimist that I am, my dial up days went past with me having time to read my entire B.Com Additional English book or to make a trip to Shimla and back while a simple page like www.gamespot.com loaded or while an mp3 could be downloaded.
Ahh, those days are gone.

Now downloading an mp3 takes as much time as it would take a Grandmaster to beat me at chess or as soon as I get bored with studying, which is in the limits of a few seconds.

Also, today was another one of those non-significant days at college.

As usual, I bunked the first two classes. Also, Amar, today, wore a really nice T-Shirt, and the ‘SMARTY’, as he is being called nowadays, is the ‘hottie’ in class among the girls[and a few not so straight boys too!].

I have also declared myself to be terminally ill with the “Cotton’s Syndrome”, the symptoms of which is the desire to cut my hair exceptionally short because of Ajay Kumar’s hallucinations, the desire use a Hydrogen Sulphide flavoured deodorant with every occurrence of Pa’s phantom, the desire to laugh out hysterically at the sight of Mercy’s spirit and of course to scream out ‘Jaaaaaahhhhn’ loudly and in one breath every time Neelam Patil’s apparition appears which is right now hovering above my computer.


Shreyas said...

y is this so familiar..cottons syndrome..is it possible for all dumbasses like me also to have it..oh ya..i forgot i ve been missing school since god knows when..ya leave.. hats off to this blog to this entry..enjoy..keep up the good work..ha now u have broadband..i m the only one left on dial up..damn..k
im unique hahahaha..bye..enjoy maadi..

you know who said...


yeah, sure. you know, you could as well have called Pa that..