Saturday, September 17, 2005

Talk the Walk!

Today being another one of those lovely days when you just don't feel like waking up, I didn't wake up. Having religiously maintained my attendance all this week, i felt obliged, no compelled, to bunk this day off. If I hadn't, it could have tarnished my Stud Boy Image.

Thank God I Did!

I love sleeping;
and I just love walking.
and as a natural conclusion, I also love sleep-walking[thats somnambulism, for those of you who are geeky enough to admit that your geeky].

Also, i remember those long walks, some of which, often encompassed the entire lunch break, first alone [ Class 1 - 5] , then, Atul, Deepash , Ankush and sometimes, Niranjan, with ofcourse , Abhilash.[ that was Class 6].

In Class 7, it was Deepash and Abhilash . In 8th , it was Deepash again, Abhilash again and sometimes Javed, Satish and Shri Hari.

Class 9 and 10 it was Abhilash , Deepash and Hitesh.

But I must admit the best school-walks came in Classes 11 and 12.I had a huge list of "Strolling Partners" as I prefer calling them, they being everyone from Nikhil, Shashanka, Shreyas, Ketan, Punit , Siddharth , Pavan, Atul , Satya, Deepak[ who was scary,atleast if the aimless stroll led to the Rest-room] and ofcourse Deepash, all the time missing old Abhilash.

We spoke about every damn thing below those lovely monsoon clouds[ me am following George Orwell's "Principles" to not use frequently used expressions], sometimes even pushing off before and after "Foo's Crash Course", "Mercy's Merciless Course" and "Pa's Toothless Course". I suppose "Nayeem's Sleeping Course" and "Neelam's Jaaahn Course" were always forgiven by me.

Shashanka and Deepash and myself had established quite a tradition of walking off in the short breaks with anyone breaking the tradition being looked down upon as a traitor having committed the national crime of giving Pa a smooch on the forehead or having asked Foo to attend Classes more regularly.

Well, and now coming to my "Wonderful" College, i still have the long walks, and now it's Amar. The best part being that, the world's[ ok, atleast K.R. Road] is our campus, with College having too little room for someone to even stand.

Yes,I love sleeping;
and I just love walking.
as a natural conclusion, I also love sleep-walking.

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