Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My Wish List!

With Christmas just round the corner, 100 days to be precise, I have decided to draw up a tentative list of the things I would wan't for Christmas.
I really don't care who buys what as long as I get them all, and yeah!, I even give you the oppurtunity to speak behind my back, getting it all arranged to give me a grand surprise(which I would prefer at 1:30 outside BASE on 25th December, or earlier. So let it be a surprise)

Starting off in 3...2...1

1. I-Pod Photo U2 special 60 Gb
2. A T3 connection for my House, with a promissory note to pay the monthly bills
3. All the Hero pens in the world, (Don't bother with the ink, i have it all planned out)
4. Most Kannada songs ripped on to DVD
5. X-Box 360, which should launch around then, but you could also pre-order it on Amazon if like me so much
6. A Maybach, Black preferable, others would also do just fine, but keep the pink pale
7. An Alien-ware PC
8. A funky-jazzy bike for me to go to College as a Stud boy,
9. An ultra light shrinking machine so that I can sneak back to our lovely lovely school as a LKG kid, On second thoughts, you think i need one?'
10. Unlimited petrol, (Whoever is buying my Maybach, could you arrange for this too??)
11. Pink Tie!
12. Eagle Head Belt Buckle!
13. A B-2 bomber, I promise not to bomb anyone after reading 'Diameter of The Bomb', this is just for posterity's sake.
14. Nokia N90
15. An I-River 40 Gb.
16. A villa opposite Jain College, where I stare at all the Stud Boys and Girls.
17. A healthy allowance which would make Bill William Gates III proud would also be nice, thank you very much!

As I said , this is only tentative and you could get along anything else you want for dear old me!

And now, I am off to learn driving, preparing for my Maybach you see.


abhas1 said...

yeah, want me to bring up my list??

zuke said...

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