Monday, September 12, 2005

Professions ! Professions !

After having tried my hands at alchemy, growing cocoa in Central America and playing music( to the extent of eliciting a wonderful cacophony), i have finally decided to get rid of the world's financial problems by choosing, or rather, being forced to choose to become a Chartered Accountant.

Well, since i hate numbers, spreadsheets and tortuous laws, i feel i have always been destined to try my hands at this as yet ominous profession too.

On second thoughts, however, i might plan to buy out CNN [ yes , thats CNN ] , if time permits, once i figure out what i might do with it.
[ DISCLAIMER :: In clear violation of all existing (and non-existant) copyright laws , my local cd rental guy has named his small haven of "camera - phrint " hindi movies and tons of sleaze as CNN!]

After the ambitious take-over(even old Teddy can't prevent me from this! Ha! HA!) , I plan to rightfully hand over all existing sleaze to Satya(with the potential risk of losing a potential super customer), all movies with treasures and paheli's and anything even remotely connected to them to Ol' King Amar, all racing movies (yes, Dhoom included) to Deepash, the tear-jerkers to Shreyas(i promise , Shreyas, if ur reading this, to apologise for this over the phone) and the ever famous Rajni's to Deepak ofcourse.

But thats if at all i plan to take over.
Till then, adios!


Hoarse Whisperer said...

lol.. i would love to have "all movies with treasures and paheli's and anything even remotely connected to them".. racing to Deepash, tear-jerkers to Shreyas, sleaze to Satya, Rajni to Deepak.. perfect allocation of resources.. Jang, the management guru!

Shreyas said...

tear jerkers very creative..pls elaborate man..some crazy ppl may think of all forms of jerking simply associating all tht with me man..damn full embarassin and all..leave off.tuls b days round the corner man..