Monday, September 12, 2005

Another Day! Another Memory!

Today was a significant day at Jain College, a very significant day with a lot of significant events happening.

To start with the most insignificant of the significant events , we got our Maths papers today and needless to say Amar did extremely well!
Me ??
Well, move on.

Then , we had the wonderful Jain College uniform day with all the Jain College B'Com Studs wearing funky White shirts and black pants. Its really amazing how creative my fellow batch-mates can get, even with a plain white shirt then manage to look so 'Studdish'.

Then, ofcourse, GKR 's ghoul got into our Accounts teacher and he too wanted to have a look at Amar's book. Well, they really can't help it cause he does have such a magnetic personality.

Then , the grand finale was the funky, groovy, jazzy pink tie Abhinav wore, a tie I would wan't to own one day, a tie i would like to be seen buried wearing (or wearing buried,as the case maybe!


Hoarse Whisperer said...

What a day it was! Quite amazing!
the pink tie was definitely the highlight.. and you couldn't resist bringing GKR's ghoul into this, could you?!?

Hoarse Whisperer said...

..and for all you extremely stupid people who haven't guessed already, Gaurav T Jain scored a perfect 50 and will most probably top class.. he topped english and additional english too.