Saturday, December 24, 2005

A tribute!

If you just happen to stroll by Church Street sometime, you might just find me on the second floor of a shanty little building. And you can join me if you wish.

I am suffering from Depression. The reason: My hair, or rather the lack of it now.

In what appears like a phantasmagoria now, in a single stroke of unbridled fanaticism, I got my ‘pretty locks’ chopped. I had been carefully cultivating them for over two months, taking care to ensure that they fell all over my face. Alas, they last no more.

I am going on a not so well deserved vacation to Rajasthan soon. And owing to the suggestion of a certain LoSeR!, I have decided to make a detour to Lakshwadeep to hire some snorkeling gear. I shall go to the desert and bury my head there, wearing the gear and all, and stay in hibernation till my hair grows back.

Just thing about my hair makes me go Yeewww!

I am looking like a ten year old kid again.

No “hen-makulu” looks at me anymore, no riding faster just to get my hair flutter around a bit more and worse of all, no entry to ‘Kalyug’[which for the uninformed is a radical new ‘A’ movie] That’s sucks! Just when I had received so many reviews heralding the movie’s cinematography, I find myself unable to enter.

I tried various disguises and tricks to get in the theatre. I went with the season veteran Gaurav Kothari but wasn’t allowed to enter. I showed the watchman my driving license, but that fellow gave me wide, toothy smile, with toothpick and all and reminded me that I stayed in India. Next, I chopped off the head of a (new) floor mop; and used some lipstick and two oranges. But what do I get? A kick in my butt, and no refund too. I am suing that theatre!

I shall try my luck again, in Rajasthan. Let’s hope it works.

P.S. By reading this blog, you resolve to stand up for a minute and pay last respects for my now deceased hair. The poor fellows were barbarously murdered along with their kith and kin. No compensation has been announced yet.

And while your at the prayer, contribute a lil’ for my semester marks too. Pray for them, and if possible, provide tampered weighing machines to my University.


abhas1 said...

a moment of silence...

lost hair, you still live in my heart!

Sataract said... loved ur hair.......the way we played with it......danced with it......made it eat banga's lunch,,,,,crapped on it using a funnel.etc etc etc...ooh and the mohawk too!!!!