Thursday, December 15, 2005

Circle Of Life!

We have had three days of classes in the Second Semester and I can proudly proclaim that I have 100% attendance.

The perseverance, the determination, the skill and the inspiration that made me achieve this phenomenal achievement is worthy of a book being penned by me, which I shall start soon. I am looking for some publishers who would want to pay me in advance. Anyone?

However, Amar has not been so lucky. Poor fellow has eligibility tests, more of a formality but tests nevertheless. My Accounts teacher still continuously picks on him despite him attending more classes than my other illustrations acquaintances at college.

Over these long holidays, spanning for over a month, I have observed quite a few oddments about myself. I read nearly all books back first going on the cover. I open the newspaper and read the last page first, I read all comics from the last and except novels known for surprise endings, I read them too with the last page first.

Well, that I guess comes with me being a left hander. The other possible hypothetical reason has been that my right brain(puns!) had stopped working ever since I had decided to be a nurse in LKG. My teacher used to say that it was a very good profession. I was inspired then. It has had, as you can see, its harmful consequences.

The other reason might be that I had thought that I had been learning Arabic in school for all these years. Only recently did I realize that it was Hindi. How stupid of me.

The other nitwit things I do is that I can’t make up my mind to study before 12 in the night. That’s when I get extraordinarily motivated and sit for a full 15 minutes studying hard before deciding that its time to sleep and do just that. I also make plans to begin studying the next day by 2 in the afternoon. But history repeats every day and I start only at 12 again.

That’s my Circle Of Life, and I love it.


abhas1 said...

oh my gawd! the first three days! 100% attendance!

My teacher marks me absent even when I'm present!

And do you realize that I read the paper from the last page, too, and I'm not left handed, nor did I want to become a nurse. ever.

Hoarse Whisperer said...

nls stopped that run at 4 huh? too bad. but not if we somehow get attendance for those two days.