Friday, December 02, 2005

Exams again!

Ok, this past week has been hectic. I couldn’t play GTA even once, that too just when I had got the mission to steal the Desert Tank by sneaking into the Army Encampment.
The reason? Exams.

Now, they are done with, and were more surprising for more reasons than one.

First, the papers didn’t leak (Its generally available with even groundnut sellers everywhere in Bangalore. This time they weren’t).

Second, my buddy, Gaurav Kothari(who has the obnoxious habit of wearing clip-on earrings on his eyebrows!) didn’t write the exam. I couldn’t fudge. Too bad.

Third, I did better than I expected.

I also observed a few things which humans are generally not expected to observe, especially if you study in my college.

Jain College Students look really bad with books, and most of them could be seen with books during the exam. Second, the girls in my college wear even fewer clothes during exams, even when it is 15 degrees outside, and especially when you’re trying to write an accounts paper. Its more noticeable when there are girls all around you.

And last, its so damn relieving when instead of greeting Amar with the usual ‘Hi!’, you generally say ;

‘Dude, I am Screwed man’.
‘ I don’t know nothing. I started at 9 yesterday.’

Confessing that takes guts, and we seemed to do so everyday except of course for maths when we just exchanged a stupid grin.

And the best part is that we have holidays till the 12th.


1 comment:

Prateek said...

hey dude!
hmm.. u did better than expected.. how bad is tht eh?? ;)
holidays again..
too good for u guys..
i have internals agian in like 2 weeks..
had one 2 weeks back..
but then tht's engineering for u.. n its blasted idiotic first sem.. gotta get used to it!
but those were some observations.. jain ppl with books n all.. too much!