Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Opportunistic mind of an Egoist

From now on, I can finally strut about city saying I know an IITian. Ha HA,

“I know an IITian!”

I could have said that 2 years back when people like VD and Kartik joined that stupid, wretched, blood sucking place called BASE; but today, I can say that with an air of finality after having met an IITian who has just completed six months there.

Knowing an IITian gives you the unprivileged advantage of being constantly met with envious, fanatical eyes who want to kill you for enjoying that privilege. And especially with people like me, who go around boasting about it; don’t be surprised if I actually get bashed up by someone. If I do get bashed up, its Kartik’s and VD’s fault. Blame them.

Its wonderful meeting old friends, especially when one is a LoSer! like me, the other owns an I Pod Nano, yet another who has gone through rehab and no longer rides like the young-blooded street racer that he was, one who owns a scooty pep!, another loser who likes doing B.Com when he is not trying to break codes for the CIA and of course VD who has returned from the IIT (which I have always likened to the Hulks for some reason).


“I know an IITian!”

Well, I don’t know how the psychology of a human brain works but for some reason I have always had time to log on to the net even during the most hectic days but hardly have time when I have holidays. Strange!


Andalite said...

Hey dude! Now that makes two of us! Although i met Kartik earlier, met VD today at that quiz thingy! New hair do et all!

Jang!! said...


Awesome Mohawk and all.

Too bad you left today before I came.Maybe we'll sometime soon.

abhas1 said...

yup! that's the IIT magic. Ain't it great?

shreyas said...

well next time pls use names..else some losers like me wont understand wat u r saying

Hoarse Whisperer said...

i think he means ajay, atul, deepash, anirudh and somebody else.. in that order.. i could be wrong.

Jang!! said...

No mentioning names man. What if they get kidnapped. ;)
Yup, should have mentioned names. Will do so next time on.

Anonymous said...

ahem! i must protest in the strongest possible terms to be the usage of the word LoSer to describe me!!


Jang!! said...

@anonymous a.k.a. LoSer

Fine, I give you an upgraded status of LoSeR!

Thats 3 capitals. Enjoy off!