Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stats Exam's Approaching

The demography of the readers of my blog reveals strange results.

Around 47% of my readers are from Serbia-Montgomery. Apparently, Serbs like goofy people in goofy costumes posing in goofy postures at goofy locations and they are a rage there.

A friend from Ukraine also called up to tell me that my blog was being advertised on National Television there. There are, apparently, secret anti-smoking messages in my blog. I didn’t know they were any.

Indians form a sizable 22%, Red Indians 2% and I can even claim to have a reader from Antarctica who contributes a whopping 0.16% to my readership.

Cypriots claim 6% of my readership and dear ol’ Americans make up 14.2%. The rear is brought about by Paki’s, Danes, Finns and Latvians.

To you all I say, Thank You.

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