Monday, January 16, 2006

Of Fevers and Alibis!

I Am Back!

- Janginator!

Or rather, I was here all the time. Or so thinks my Principal who has just been bestowed with the prestigious job of collecting leave-letters. That, I am told, is his 626th skill, and describing the other skills he is adept at would require me starting a new blog and hence I shall abstain from doing so.

Everyone had different opinions as to where I was. Closest was my neighbour who thought I had been (finally) locked up in Tihar Jail. Avin, a compatriot of mine thought that I had taken to frequent the M.G.Road benches at 2 in the night and hence, my absence in class. My class teacher and now even my Princi thinks poor little me was suffering from Typhoid.

But, well, I had been to a short vacation to a chilly place to just do what I do here all the time; sleep.

The only difference there was me discovering a few more facts about the novel art of sleeping. Here is a short excerpt for my upcoming thesis.

For one, you cant sleep in the Thar Desert with your eyes open. It’s too windy and sandy there, not to mention it being chilly. Sleeping in a Royal Palace is not bad unless you mind the predatory eyes of a throng of foreigners eyeing you like your some mysterious Baba from ancient India. Sleeping on roof tops is acceptable, if you love watching a million stars and don’t mind being frozen icicle the next morning.

(You can obtain my entire thesis by paying me M-o-n-e-y. Lots of it,)

Another question I have often been asked since I returned is how the chicks there were?

Well, just the same Madu Jain College kind of chicks, with a little more clothes on (summers, I assure you, would make me feel right at home there).

Since I have realized that I am just rambling about, I shall leave with just one pic of my tour, in funky attire and all. Chic!


Hoarse Whisperer said...

LOL! Great picture!

Jang!! said...

Thanks bugger!

But you ain't seen nothing yet. If you thought LoSeR! took crazy pictures of himself, wait till you've see my collection.

abhas1 said...

ooh, and that must be you in the pic!
BTW, how much is your thesis for?? :P

Jang!! said...


How much money do you have?

Anonymous said...

amazing picture man. damn...your threathening to enter into my hallowed territory. not good not good *mumble grumble*

theres no way i can compete with a 5 foot madu with a rifle as big as him. hmm..maybe Ravi's rod was bigger.