Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Things I have before me while I’m studying:

  1. A cap or hat. Anything that keeps my head covered. Makes me feel that what's going in is gonna stay there. (Helps really).

  1. A Bottle of water.

  1. My trusty Hero pen, with black ink. Blue ink is pathetic methinks.

  1. A calculator in which I can punch in numbers accurately without checking.

  1. Lots, and I mean lots, of rough sheets to work on, or write on, or scribble on, or draw on.

  1. Some tiny toy to mess around with.

  1. A list of things I’d like to do after the exams for which I’m studying, which I never get around to do later on.

  1. A book ;)

  1. Something interesting on my pin board.

  1. A nice chair. Comfortable, but not very.

  1. Something to munch on.

I have never known any of these to help me, or improve anything. They are just mere placebos. Things that keep me studying.