Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bugger. Bugger.

‘Bugger’ must me, arguably, the most under rated useful word in English.

It is a word that can be used in every context, in every situation. A word that acts as a substitute when you can think of no other words. A word to start a conversation. A word a class apart.

Take, for example, it being used as an exclamation.

“Bugger, look, bearded man!”

Or as a question,

“Want to attend next class, bugger?”

Or even as a statement of pure boredom.

“Bugger, I am bugged.”

Its versatility is only matched by the word, Ugh!.

Then, there are cases when you can use it express anger.

“Bugger, I’ll bloody bugger him.”

Or as a proper noun.

“From now on, call me Bugger.”

Or as a request.

“Please, let us not attend this class, bugger.”

Or an order.

“You are not attending the next class bugger.”

OR just a statement.

“Bugger, look, pencil.”

“Bugger, look, bald man.”

“Bugger, you are a bugger.”

“I hate you bugger.”

Or of course, just,

“Bloody bugger.”


I’ve even received inside reports that “Système International d'Articlés” is planning to make the word bugger as the fourth article. A, an, the and bugger.

P.S. All these statements were made keeping in mind a certain person. The first example, however, is an international copyright.


Andalite said...

ROLF!!! hahaha i know what you mean! But did he use bugger? I think the copyright for that word should go to Ankush or Atul

Jang!! said...

Well, not too sure if he had used it. He should have I think though!

abhas1 said...

what!? what? the anonymous loser bugger?

hey, wait, can not fit here?

Jang!! said...


I have no clue what that meant.

abhas1 said...

you wrote: "All these statements were made keeping in mind a certain person"

so I said: bugger=big stupid anonymous loser??

and I asked:
Does fit into bugger's place in the dictionary of coolness?

hehe :P

Jang!! said...


And the "Certain person" is a person whom I know just a little better than Mr.Anon.I think.

Sataract said...

its definitely not the guy over whom u ahd the "height" advantage.:)
hehe...ole memories!
nyway....God knows the origin but like Andalite sed...its most probably Atul.

Andalite said...

bugger, stop advertising your post on other people's blogs dude(short for bugger) !! hahah lol..

Jang!! said...


Lol.Marketing bugger. Marketing. We are supposed to be studying about it at college too, so natuarally I've no idea what it is.

Hoarse Whisperer said...

Why the hell are we going to write these exams, bugger?

Jang!! said...


Change in questions, I see.

A day earlier, the question was When are we going to write?

Now, Why are we going to write?

The answer, bugger, I don't know.

Gates said...

Good article... I like it.


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