Thursday, October 12, 2006


Ahhh. I had a three hour exam today. Finished it in one hour straight.

And so, I had a lot of time to introspect on a few finer things that have changed over this past year.

  • I have grown taller, by half a quarter of a centimeter. (Yaah! Yay!!)

  • I have got a lot worse at bowling, the best of my worst being six gutters in a row.

  • My hair is beginning to set. Ouch.

  • I’m spending a lot less.

  • I’m laughing a lot more, often at myself.

  • I’m laughing a lot more, especially at the ridiculous things some of our teachers do.

  • I just discovered that I can write the most tear – stirring answers possible. My additional English answer yesterday was a masterpiece.

  • I have got a lot more defiant. Taking a cue from THW, I started of an answer today with “It would be foolish not to assume that….”. I can hardly wait for my corrected answer script.

  • I’ve studied 2 and half hours max, for the four exams put together so far. I think I have chances of maxing atleast three.

  • I’ve begun to leave answers unanswered for kicks. Yesterday, I left 20 marks. Cause I didn’t feel like writing anymore.
  • I have begun to understand poetry, in bits and pieces.

  • I no longer find exams scary. Not one bit.

  • I’ve got a lot more religious. As well as industrious.

  • I discovered that “Absent to attend my own marriage” is a good excuse to get more attendance. Many thanks to THW for this too.

  • I can write amazingly defiant letters.

  • I can use 18 different synonyms for the word masterful and create a 4 page answer, repeating the same line over and over again.

  • THW’s paper rockets are highly overrated. They might be the best crashers though.
Edit :: Just read THW's blog. Lots of similarities.


markiv said...

hehee.. exams! i like the sound of tht.. esp considerin i dun ve take one.. atleast none in de forseeable future...

n then again.. by the way of words, an hr to write n 2 fer introspection? trust me mate, ur gonna ve a lotta introspection to do wen de give em scores!!!:))

markiv said...

it happens dude.. after like
16-18yrs of formal education
, u jus wake up one day n realise its all over...

khadli said...

ha ha ha... i can't believe i have company here... leaving answers blank just for the heck of it and only coz you don't feel like writing... hehe... so true!

Andalite said...

oh oh i did the answers thing... only it was the extra questions.. in ISE i love everything !! except EC... sucks.. btw why is everyone writing senti stuff for add eng?