Monday, July 24, 2006


Dedicated to my friend Satya, a.k.a. Sataract, who's going to leave Bangalore soon. Miss you man.

I remember so, so many things about what I used to do as a kid that it becomes impossible for me to narrate them all. I often just burst out laughing when I think of what I used to do as a kid.

Well, this is one of those which I wouldn’t mind sharing with all. (The others which I would mind sharing include me going out on my first date with this sweet older girl, all of five years. I was four then. And there are so many others which I wouldn’t even mention).

Well, after I joined school, I was pretty much of an introvert. I would hardly ever speak to anyone at school, except my immediate partner who always ended up becoming my best friend for the year. Now this seclusion from the rest of the world made me a very creative bloke then. I did everything I could at home. I would throw down stuff from the fourth floor at people walking down the road. I was obsessed with cutting paper, in pieces so tiny the nanotech scientist folks at MIT would roll their eyes in astonishment.

I would celebrate my “birth time” every single day, and force my parents to call me up to wish me then too. I never insisted on gifts and so they were more than obliging to wish me a “Happy Birth Time” every single day. I made imaginary tents with chairs and bed sheets and go camping in the living room.

But the best part of it all was that I had an imaginary friend. I have often included hidden references to the friend all over my blog in the past. He was like no other. I will not reveal his name because it’s too personal. I totally believed he lived. (I think I still do, which is pretty much freaky).

I would get pissed with my classmates if they would sit next to me because they were taking up my friend’s place. I asked my mom to pack extra for him, and she played along pretty well. I soon realized my friend had a pretty bad appetite and ended up gobbling all the food.

I even used to play for my friend as Luigi in Super Mario Bros. And he was quite unlike me, the little friend of mine. He used to talk, and a lot. It’s was like a strange voice giving a running commentary about everything. And I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

I realized much later on that we were so much like Calvin and Hobbes.


abhas1 said...

You have no idea how many similarities we have.
Except the imaginary friend. I never had him.

I'm at a new school now, and where all other freshers have found a group of their own, I am still the boy who sits alone next to the corner window.
It was good, and I don't know if it still is, but I breakdown to think about it. Where I used to go camping with myself using sofa cushions, I now just..sit there.

aah, forget it, don't let me get carried away.

Don't make Jang suffer, Sat!

Sataract said...

ciao man!

gonna miss u and bangalore too but well i'll be here for holidays!!!!

like i promised....when i come to bangalore i'll always visit jain college first and then i'll go home!!!

P.S.: i still havent understood why u get to be calvin!!!!!!

soumya said...

its really sweet....cute i must say....actually i too have an imaginary friend.....and its kinda strange that even guys have such things!

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