Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Life is full of mysteries; it just depends on where you look.

-Donnie Darko ;)

There are so many paradoxes in life, some I cannot understand, most I do not want to understand, and on the rest, I blog about.

Have you walked into Coffee Day?


Have you ever watched T.V. there?


Then, pray, for heaven’s sake, why do they mute the T.V and play English music on their in-house jukebox?

Around a month back, at one of these Coffee Day’s, it was delightful to watch Himesh Reshammiya singing Britney Spears’ “You’ve got me crazy” at the top of his voice.

Otherwise, it’s a news reporter head banging in front of the Supreme Court singing the Cranberries’ Zombie.

Or Lalu Prasad singing “I’m a Barbie girl”.

But, I am told, I have the uncanny ability to see through hidden motives. This time too, I’ve succeeded. Coffee Day is acting in the interest of the public. It’s making us burn the calories our drinks are loaded with by making is laugh. Cunning.

Ad. Recommendation:: Maxim’s new television ad. Cunning again.